Areas of Practice

The Koslow Law Firm provides local representation on a variety of family law matters in Annapolis and surrounding areas. We recognize that every client is in a unique situation, and we aim to be there for you as you handle emotional issues. Evan Koslow will give you personal attention to determine the best way to help you move forward.

Evan Koslow has more than a decade of experience in family law and wants to help you reach a peaceful resolution to your situation. The Koslow Law Firm provides support for:

Separation and Divorce

Evan Koslow is a compassionate attorney who understands that looming legal issues such as separation & divorce and protective orders can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when it involves family and children. That’s why Evan believes in treating clients with care and respect during these very difficult times.

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Child Custody

Child Custody disputes are one of the most difficult aspects in Family Law. When children are involved, there are certain recommendations that parents must consider for the best interest of their child. Evan Koslow will expertly guide you through all of the complicated aspects of a child custody dispute and will represent your child custody case with the utmost compassion, skill and professionalism. As part of our child custody service, Evan can also help with Court Order Modifications, Relocations, and Paternity Actions.

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There are several alternatives to resolving a divorce in court, which are known collectively as Alternative Dispute Resolution. Choosing an alternative to going to court to resolve matters such as property division will likely save you money, time, and allow you to create a solution that the court may not otherwise be able to award without an agreement. The three types of Alternative Dispute Resolution include mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

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In Maryland, if you do not like a Judge’s decision you have a few options to try and have the matter overturned. These options are:

  • Motion to Reconsider
  • In Banc Review
  • Appeal to the Court of Special Appeals

Evan Koslow has experience will all of these appeal options. It is important to understand that all appeal options are under tight deadlines.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Many engaged couples are divided over the issue of whether to create a prenuptial agreement between them. While some people believe that prenuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements are unromantic, others believe it is a practical prerequisite to the modern marriage, considering the high rates of divorce and separation.

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