Prenuptual Agreements

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Many engaged couples are divided over the issue of whether to create a prenuptial (or also called Premarital) agreement between them. While some people believe that prenuptial agreements are unromantic, others believe it is a practical prerequisite to the modern marriage, considering the high rates of divorce and separation.

In Maryland, Prenuptial Agreements are governed by contract law.

Good candidates for a Prenuptial agreement:

  • People who own their own businesses may wish to protect not only their own assets and properties, but also their sole proprietorships or their companies.
  • Songwriters, authors, researchers and scientists may also wish to protect their intellectual property.
  • One person who has specific property or asset such as an inheritance, a house or a car bought before the marriage.
  • In the case of a second or third marriage, an individual may want to to protect the financial rights of  children from other ex-spouses or previous relationships.
  • When one spouse may have significant wealth, or substantial debt

Prenuptial agreements cannot:

  • be a contract for divorce
  • be a promise to marry
  • affect child support or child custody

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