How to Get Through a Divorce

By Evan Koslow / January 3, 2017

Going through a divorce can be overwhelming to all aspects of your life, especially if there are minor children involved. Step 1: Seek Help I highly recommend that you seek out professional help and not base your decision on what people may think (or may have done in their own divorce), and to do what’s…

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Where Do I Begin With Divorce?

By Evan Koslow / October 24, 2016

If you are thinking about a separation or divorce in the State of Maryland, you must know what your rights are and what the possible consequences and benefits are before you even consider a separation or negotiate an agreement. It does not matter whether your issues relate to custody, visitation, support, property distribution, grounds for…

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Why Roll The Dice At Trial? Try Mediation

By Evan Koslow / September 7, 2016

Did you know there are many types of mediation for divorce cases? The most common type of mediation is when each party and their attorney) meet with a mediator (a certified neutral third party trying to help obtain a settlement) to discuss what can possibly be worked out without going to court. Mediation is always…

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What to Expect at a Consultation

By Evan Koslow / August 16, 2016

Divorce and custody matters are extremely stressful situations. The best way to stay calm is by preparing yourself with as much information as possible. When setting up a consultation with a divorce attorney, a staff member from the attorney’s office will run a conflict check to ensure that there is no pre-existing reason that would…

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More myths about divorce

By Evan Koslow / August 5, 2016

Divorce does not have to be a battle and there is so much more to the process than just hire attorneys and go to court. Did you know that it IS possible to get a divorce without ever setting foot in a courtroom? Not only is it possible, the court would prefer that! This post…

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Your Future Your Finances Interview

By Evan Koslow / July 28, 2016

I had the privilege of being a guest on Brian Kuhn’s show Your Future Your Finances on MMCTV in Montgomery County. Your Future Your Finances is a show that focuses on personal finance, personal development, and current issues facing the residents of Montgomery County and the greater MD/DC area. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk…

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Cheap Divorce

By Evan Koslow / December 11, 2015

The cost of a divorce/custody matter is entirely based on how reasonable, fair and honest the couple is with each other. If both parties can communicate calmly, not lie about assets or income and not fight about inconsequential things, I can do a divorce for $1,500 and have it finalized in a matter of weeks.…

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