Where Do I Begin With Divorce?

By Evan Koslow / October 24, 2016

If you are thinking about a separation or divorce in the State of Maryland, you must know what your rights are and what the possible consequences and benefits are before you even consider a separation or negotiate an agreement. It does not matter whether your issues relate to custody, visitation, support, property distribution, grounds for…

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Judging The Judges

By Evan Koslow / October 7, 2016

In family law cases (divorce, custody, child support, etc.) unless you practice in a county that only has one judge, you will not know who your judge will be until the day before the merits hearing (the final hearing) which is approximately 9 months to a year after you file. While in theory each judge…

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Let’s Settle This Once and For All

By Evan Koslow / September 14, 2016

What exactly is a pretrial conference?  There are many stops on the road before a divorce trial takes place. Typically you will have at least two court appearances, if not more, before the merits hearing. One of those court appearance is a pretrial conference or sometimes called a settlement conference. At the pretrial conference, a…

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Why Roll The Dice At Trial? Try Mediation

By Evan Koslow / September 7, 2016

Did you know there are many types of mediation for divorce cases? The most common type of mediation is when each party and their attorney) meet with a mediator (a certified neutral third party trying to help obtain a settlement) to discuss what can possibly be worked out without going to court. Mediation is always…

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Only Attorneys Win In Court

By Evan Koslow / April 30, 2016

Only on rare occasions does anyone besides attorneys win when going to court. Do not get me wrong, there are family law cases out there that really do not have a choice but to go to court (the most common is because one party is being so unreasonable that the other party should not settle).…

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