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Laws Regarding Military Divorce And Retirement Benefits

By Evan Koslow / August 2, 2016

For military personnel and their spouses, not only do they have the day-to-day fears that come with the job, they also have the added challenge that if the military member does not stay in the military for 20 years, they receive no retirement benefits. Further, if the married couple was not married for 10 of those…

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FAQs About Alimony

By Evan Koslow / September 29, 2014

Alimony is the periodic payment for  support and maintenance of a spouse and may be awarded after a limited or absolute divorce. Alimony may be awarded to either party and can be awarded for a definite or indefinite period of time. Alimony for a definite period is commonly known as “rehabilitative alimony” while  alimony for…

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